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About Kristina Cutura – Expert Google Account Manager


I understand that there are many search engine marketing agencies and experts vying for your business. Please read more about me so you may make an informed decision whether my background matches what you are looking for. When you have your choice of companies and Google Ads consultants to work with, why not go to the Google Ads expert that:

  • Helped build the original Google Ads optimization team
  • Tried and tested Google Ads optimization strategies now widely used in formal Google Ads communication and training
  • Trained hundreds of Google Ads optimizers that service Google’s top clients
  • Developed training materials and trained PPC agencies and resellers in the space that are competing for your business
  • For the past four years has been independently building, optimizing, and managing accounts for advertisers of varying company sizes, goals and needs
  • Authored a book Advertising on Google: The High Performance Cookbook to help other businesses run profitable campaigns.

My Google Story – Google Ads Optimization Pioneer

Google Ads Beginnings

I started my career at Google in 2002 reviewing incoming ads and keywords for policy accuracy. Within months, I was tasked with helping out incoming reps learn Google Ads policies. I quickly graduated to more high-touch customer service, answering client emails and troubleshooting their issues. Around that time, I joined two other colleagues that were forming a Google Ads optimization team. This did not even exist at the time. We realized that a lot of Google accounts could be improved and began providing optimization services to high-spend clients. As the Google Ads product kept evolving, we developed and tested optimization strategies that are still used today widely by Google Ads optimizers and other experts in the field.

Founding The Google Ads Optimization Team

As an expert Google Ads optimizer, I realized Google needed much more thorough training for our growing team of optimization specialists. I became the dedicated trainer for all incoming members of our team. For more than four years, I developed, documented, and delivered all optimization-related trainings for incoming Google customer reps. That also meant changing our strategies and materials as Google Ads evolved to remain on the forefront of the latest innovations and developments. I was fortunate to travel the world with Google and help build new training programs for optimizers as we expanded internationally.

In addition to developing and running training programs, I continued to manage and optimize our very top, highest revenue clients, providing phone and in person support. Also, on an ongoing basis, I experimented with the latest Google optimization strategies and taught others what proved effective.

Teaching Googlers and Clients

I officially moved to the the training team in 2006, where I remained for my last 2 1/2 years at Google. I began increasingly working with strategic external resellers, companies such as AT&T, YellowBook, SalesForce, RHD, and many others. With a small team, I helped create training programs for our resellers and other external clients. I helped them learn the product and become Google Ads certified. I trained sales, Google account management, and training teams that now bring and manage the long-tail business for Google Ads. Many of these companies have specific packages and time constraints that made me realize how difficult it was to really devote oneself to an account within such constraints. When specific quota of accounts need to be created and optimized, and revenue targets come into play, it becomes hard to really focus on the client’s business goals.

Additionally, I helped develop materials and training courses for agencies that managed Google’s top clients. I realized that both resellers and agencies need to develop automated tools as they scaled, but this necessary part of growth and a large client base also means that less individual, human attention is paid to each account.

During my years as a Google Ads optimizer and a trainer, I attended numerous conferences nationally and internationally to help grow Google Ads usage and present our company and products in the best light. Throughout my time at Google, I earned numerous team awards and recognitions for my accomplishments and contributions. This generous outpour of recognition made it all the more difficult to leave the company and co-workers I dearly loved and start my own ventures.

Life After Google

After 6 1/2 years at Google it was time to branch out. My goal as an Google Ads consultant is to put the valuable skills I acquired at Google to work for clients whose campaigns I can fully dedicate my efforts to. I currently manage Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook ads for advertisers of diverse business needs and budgets. Based on two decades of experience managing Google Ads, I authored a book with PPC strategies published by Packt Publishing and titled Advertising on Google: The High Performance Cookbook.

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