Kristina Cutura


Google Ads Book

Google Ads is one of the most effective ways to advertise today with unprecedented reach and potential to show your ads to millions of Internet users instantly. It helps in bringing highly relevant ads to customers who are searching for you in real-time, resulting in highly accountable and cost-effective campaigns that even the smallest advertisers can take advantage of.

Advertising on Google: The High Performance Cookbook” is a step-by-step guide with practical tips and everyday examples that will arm you with the tools necessary to run effective Google Ads campaigns. There are over 120 practical recipes for novices as well as advanced users.

You Will Learn How To

1. Set up your Google Ads account and track results beyond the click.
2. Create relevant keywords and write compelling ads.
3. Run reports, analyze, manage Google Ads, and troubleshoot performance.
4. Optimize performance for maximum ROI.
5. Set-up and manage profitable display campaigns.
6. Remarket to past visitors.
7. Unlock advanced strategies and features that the most successful advertisers are taking advantage of.

Buy Online

The book is available as an eBook or you can get a print paperback version, which includes the free eBook. You can buy the book directly through Pack Publishing or you can purchase it through Amazon.