Kristina Cutura

Google Ads Professional

Google Ads (formerly Google Ads) is one of the most efficient platforms to introduce your new online business into the market. A Google Ads professional will help you to promote your business services and products on search engines. A certified, experienced Google Ads professional is a great asset to your marketing strategy.

Certified Google Ads Partner

As a Google Ads professional, I will help you generate more qualified traffic to your website, and manage your paid listings on major search engines. Paid search ads, including Google Ads, increase web traffic; business leads and provide strategic and affordable online marketing services to innovative, local and global businesses. As a Certified Google Ads Professional, I will help you to create and manage new or existing Google Ads campaigns for your business. As a Google Ads expert, I will focus on choosing the right keywords for your goals and monitoring the success of your campaigns. My goal is to understand your business needs and provide business oriented internet marketing solutions. I will construct quality, value-added PPC campaigns that bring qualitative and quantitative results. I will ensure that your online business grows with the help of over a decade of Google Ads marketing experience.

Google Ads marketing is a quick and affordable way to promote your product or services on Google. Google allows you to advertise your website on their search page. It allows you to display ads which link directly to your website when searches are done for your selected keywords or key phrases. You will find your paid ad listed under the search box or in some instances even above the search results. These are Google Ads. The relative ad position depends on a combination of your relevance and on the amount of money you are willing to pay for each click. This calculation which takes into account your relevance is one of the key advantages to advertisers using Google Ads. Google Ads will perform a quality score calculation when deciding where to place your ads, which means that the more relevant your ads are, the less you need to pay to stay competitive. In short, this allows even small advertisers to compete in the online ad auction.

Google Ads is a search engine marketing service that Google offers to allow your text ads to appear when your targeted keywords are entered in a search query. Google Ads can improve both the rank and cost per click (CPC) of ads by ensuring the text of the ad is relevant to both the search query and targeted potential customers. Google Ads marketing is possibly one of the fastest ways to drive a huge amount of relevant traffic to your website.

Benefits of Google Ads Marketing Services

The key benefits of Google Ads marketing are reach, relevance and ROI. One of the basic benefits of search engine marketing with Google Ads is that you can display your ad in front of people you’re looking to target quickly and easily. If you were to set up a Google Ads program today, you could be on the first page of Google for your selected keywords in a very short span of time. You can track every aspect of your Google Ads marketing campaign, from the number of ad displays to the number of clicks and conversions. As a Google Ads professional, I will put my extensive industry knowledge to work for you and your business.