Kristina Cutura


Creating a scalable account with a strong foundation is vital to success with Google Ads, while ongoing, continued analysis of your metrics is the key to ensuring quality clicks and visitors. Advertisers considering partnering with an agency or a consultant should make this choice carefully.

Pay-Per-Click Services are customized for each client’s unique needs and goals.

Google Ads & Bing Ads Strategy

Based on your site and goals, I’ll determine the number of campaigns and ad groups to start with. I’ll be making the following considerations:

CampaignsCampaigns: I’ll work with you to determine the optimal structure for your business goals. You may need multiple campaigns to take advantage of the various networks, location targeting and device options. I recommend separating out your various areas of focus into different campaigns so you have more control over budgeting.

userAd Groups: Most advertisers don’t realize the importance of proper ad group structure and how it can impact performance. I’ll develop highly targeted groupings that will set you up for success.

keywordsKeywords: It’s vital to choose specific keywords that won’t break your budget. I’ll ensure that you’re running on terms that convert and that you remain competitive on the more general, high traffic keywords.

textAd Text: How do you attract customers yet weed out curiosity clicks? I’ll find the right balance of traffic and leads for you. I recommend split testing multiple ad variations to find ad copy that’s most effective for your business.

productProduct Listing Ads: e-commerce advertisers tend to see great results from image ads that pull data from your merchant center data feed. I’ll help you set-up a shopping campaign and optimize it so your products are competitive.

phoneMobile: Mobile is one of fastest growing media channels. Advertisers need to take advantage of the various mobile options that Google Ads provides and ensure their PPC campaigns are optimized for it.

Display_RemarketingDisplay & RemarketingDisplay is a great source of traffic for many advertisers, can be highly targeted if set-up correctly, and could be an excellent complement to your search campaigns.
Display Advertising: depending on your type of business and advertising goals, I may recommend setting-up keyword targeted, placement-driven, or topic specific display campaigns.
Remarketing: reach users who previously visited your Google Ads ads as they continue to browse sites on Google’s display network. Increase brand awareness and strengthen relationship with your visitors. In addition to display remarketing, Google Ads also provides dynamic remarketing and remarketing for search ads (RLSA) that you should be taking advantage of.

Conversion_Tracking_AnalyticsConversion Tracking & Analytics: As a Google Ads consultant, I make decisions based on data, and I’ll set-up Google Ads Conversion Tracking and Google Analytics to track your campaigns and improve them armed with data.

Competitor Research

Staying on top of your competition is key to fine-tuning your marketing strategies and keywords. As your Google Ads expert, I subscribe to industry tools that help me analyze your competitors’ budgets, CPCs, keywords, and ads.

I’ll use competitor data to:

  • Generate additional keywords for your campaigns
  • Compare your CPCs to other businesses in your space
  • Analyze competing ads and selling points
  • Understand competitor marketing budgets
  • You will receive a report for your main competitors so you can review the data and provide me feedback on opportunities for your campaigns
Consulting & Training

Agency Training: We offer on-site certification training for agencies to get sales and account managers Google Ads certified. Training and materials are customized to match the current staff’s skill set and each agency’s client base. Training includes pre-work, customized slides, exercises, games, as well as follow-up webinars.

Hourly Consultations:Some advertisers prefer to continue managing their accounts on their own but would like to learn more about the Google Ads interface and the various opportunities for improvement. I provide hourly consultations (remotely or in-person) and training sessions to help you learn the system and how to manage your account independently. We’ll review your account and discuss specific areas of improvement and topics tailored to your level of knowledge.